January 21, 2017

Mighty Moby Coming in August!

Mighty Moby
Mighty Moby
by Ed Young and Barbara DaCosta
Take the sea voyage of your life in Ed Young and Barbara DaCosta’s latest collaboration, Mighty Moby

The creative team behind bestselling award-winner Nighttime Ninja have crafted another thrilling adventure, this time based on Herman Melville’s great novel Moby Dick. This classic American tale is retold in collages of pictures, prose, and song, along with a humorous twist. Available from Little, Brown August 1, 2017 at stores near you and online!

Available now for preorder.

Visit the Mighty Moby website for more news and information!

November 13, 2016

Ed Young Receives Society of Illustrators Lifetime Achievement Award

The Original ArtCelebrating the Fine Art of Children's Book Illustration
October 26 - December 22, 2016

The Museum of Illustration at the Society of Illustrators is proud to present The Original Art, an annual exhibit celebrating the fine art of children’s book illustration, on display from October 26 through December 30, 2016.

Founded in 1980 by illustrators’ agent and art director Dilys Evans, this exhibit showcases the original art from the year’s best children’s books. The 2016 exhibit features books selected by a jury of outstanding illustrators, art directors, and editors.

Lifetime Achievement Awards acknowledging one posthumous and one contemporary illustrator’s contributions to the field are selected by artists juried into The Original Art in the last five years. This year's Contemporary Lifetime Achievement Award winner is Ed Young. The Posthumous Award goes to Shel Silverstein. To learn more about the winners click here. Society of Illustrators (128 East 63rd Street, NYC)

September 08, 2016

Nighttime Ninja Artist Ed Young's New Book "The Cat From Hunger Mountain" Selected for NY Times Best Illustrated List

THE CAT FROM HUNGER MOUNTAIN by Ed YoungThe Cat from Hunger Mountain, Ed Young's latest book, has been selected as a New York Times "Best Illustrated" 2016. The book has received starred reviews from Kirkus Reviews, Booklist, and Publishers Weekly.
 Kirkus Reviews  wrote, "A wealthy lord has everything, yet it’s never enough until deprivation teaches him life’s true riches. Lying in luxury atop Hunger Mountain, a haughty cat lord lives in excess. His clothes are spun from silk and gold, and he always leaves his bowl of the finest rice half eaten. But a drought begins, and famine spreads....Finally, starving and alone, the lord ventures out and must beg for food. When a kindly monk gives him a spoonful of rice—the grains of which were collected from the cat’s wasted extravagance at Hunger Mountain—the lord finally understands what it means to be blessed. The well-paced fable is visually stunning, as photographs, textured paper, string, and other materials combine into magnificent paper collage illustrations.... In a time when almost all illustrators use digital manipulation, this artist only needs paper and scissors to assemble a brilliant image. Young is at the height of his powers in this fable that offers a feast for the eyes, mind, and soul. A visual masterpiece."

November 30, 2015

Ninja Day Coming Soon!

NINJA DAY is coming! The authors of such Ninja favorites as Ninja Red Riding Hood and Ninja Bunny are putting on their best for this fun day. Arree Chung, Jennifer Gray Olson, Rubin Pingk, Corey Rosen-Schwartz, Todd Tarpley, and Chris Tougas are the instigators! For more about this day, visit NINJAS READ or follow on Twitter.

Visit our NIGHTTIME NINJA ACTIVITIES page for fun things to do on NINJA DAY! 

October 17, 2015

Ed Young Talks About Nighttime Ninja and Seven Blind Mice

Nighttime Ninja artist Ed Young reveals some of the book's secrets, at the National Book Festival 2012. He also explains how his Caldecott Honor book Seven Blind Mice came about.

September 30, 2015

Nighttime Ninja Halloween Pumpkin and Costume!

Nighttime Ninja goes trick-or-treating. Found on Pinterest.
Here's someone's creative rendition of Nighttime Ninja into a Halloween pumpkin. Carving a design is also not too difficult. Draw the design on the pumpkin with a pencil. Cut the top of the pumpkin out, scoop out the seeds and fiber (clean off the seeds and toast them for a delicious treat). Then, carefully cut out the design with a sharp knife. For master pumpkin-carving, see David LaRochelle's website for samples and a video of how he does complex designs (he's the author of Moo, one of Ninja's favorite books).

If you're already planning to go trick-or-treating as Nighttime Ninja yourself you can easily create your own ninja costume: black pants, black shirt, and a dark kerchief around your head or balaclava (but remember, though, to add something reflective or light-colored (like a wide sash) for safety if you're going to be crossing streets).